Boss Addresses Rumours About Premier League Move – As Pochettino Heads Towards exit signs

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Ruben Amorim says he is the Sporting Lisbon manager and “only Sporting’s manager” after being strongly linked to the Liverpool and Chelsea post.

Recent reports circulating within the football fraternity have stirred controversy, suggesting that a faction of CHELSEA players has purportedly petitioned the club’s board to terminate the tenure of manager Mauricio Pochettino. Such claims, if validated, could potentially disrupt the stability and harmony within the club, raising questions about the underlying reasons behind such a drastic demand.

But when it comes to potential replacements, Ruben Amorim has frequently been mentioned as a potential candidate to take the role.

He is currently enjoying a very successful season yet again at Sporting Lisbon, and this has seen him come in for plenty of praise in his relatively short career in the game.

Asked about the importance of ignoring those rumours until the end of the season: “Completely, the only thing that annoys me is that they already had a replacement for me.

“That’s what got me the most upset, even today I told Viana (Hugo Viana, Sporting director of football) to calm down because it’s not like that. That’s the only thing I’ve paid attention to.”

Asked if the players are affected by the rumours, Amorim replied: “No, because it’s part of their lives. What affects the players is their own future.

“Everyone is thinking about themselves. That can interfere with the preparation of a game if they’re involved in talks with other clubs. It’s normal for players to go through that.

“When it’s the manager, they don’t think about any of that. And the manager is clearly Sporting’s manager, Sporting’s manager and only Sporting’s manager.

“And they know how much they want to win and I want to win titles for Sporting. So the work was the same, the preparation was the same and they’re clear that everyone is focused on winning titles.”


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