Arsenal ‘The Only Side That Can Take Points Off Man City’ Announces Neville

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Its Arsenal vs Man City this weekend – and Pundit Gary Neville has had his say on the big game.

Neville sat down with Jamie Carragher on the Overlap Via YouTube and has made it very clear about how he feels the game on the weekend needs to go, saying this “With the run-in, I think Arsenal have to win on Sunday, You always have to imagine that City are going to be perfect”.

“Unfortunately, we’re at the point in the season where they could win eight games on the bounce. I don’t think Arsenal will. The reason I say you have to win is because I am not sure who else is going to take points off City on the journey. Of course, they could drop points, it’s football”

“But that’s why I think Sunday is so important. City would be disappointed with a draw but I think to damage them, and to give you the full belief, I think you need to win.”

“It’s a beautiful game for Arsenal,” Neville added. “In the sense… It’s a beautiful game for us to watch Arsenal, to think about the fact you go back 12 months, there is a direct parallel between last season and this season.

“I always said at the end of last season, when they struggled, I wanted to see them in that situation again in the run-in against City, against the big teams and see how they handle it. I think we all probably feel the same.

‘We’re a lot more confident that ARSENAL FC are going to handle this game better than they did last year”.

“This is the start of the run-in. It’s real. It’s happening now. Sunday, it’s huge. It’s a crossroads game. I think these games can sometimes signify or create history. As Arsenal, if you win on Sunday, you will look back on this game as the defining moment.

‘I’m not saying it’s the only test. “You could win on Sunday and then lose three games. But I don’t think you would. I think if you won Sunday, the confidence and belief would be huge and City’s would be dented”.


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