Chelsea fans react to reports €65m Attacker is coming to Stamford Bridge

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Chelsea fans have taken to social media and reacted to the news that a deal has been struck for Messinho with Palmeiras.

Nobody knows if Mauricio Pochettino will still be the boss of CHELSEA by the end of the summer window – but that is not stopping Ted Boehly and CO. from getting the players that they feel could develop into one of the best in the world.

Now it seems that they are closing in on a potential deal for the young man, as according to journalist Ben Jacobs the Brazilian giants have accepted Chelsea’s latest offer for the 17-year-old – which will make him the most expensive transfer of a player from American continent to Europe

Here is what some fans have been saying about the incoming signing….

CHUCKS d’ OYO GUY: Is 65m not too much on him?

A.I.GIL ‘hope he can add to the squad and not make it worse just like Jackson

Boomin: He should come

Julius Amoah: Finally it’s happening

TRUTH: ‘Some big mouth CHELSEA fans said 150 for Osimhen is too high, while they rejoice in paying 65 for inexperience little boy from Farmers league

ta_amanii: ‘How much is money? In 2026, chelsea will build a solid first team with quality depth and still have players for sale worth at least £100M & above. You’re not ready for this business with the American tycoons. Just pay palmeiras and move unto the next one.

ryan4mj4eva: Crazy money. don’t know what to think. Hypes exciting but will he live up to his potential, how will he settle in England, can he handle the pressure & price tag? We already have so many players in his position, would the money be better spent on priority positions for now?

Aarie1: ‘He’s going to flop like Jackson

DerekRiper: ‘Feels like the Caicedo saga all over again🤦


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  1. Khayiya Jefferson says:

    Welcome to the best football club in London Messinho.
    The only club that honors Brazilian players and transforms them into big Stars.
    This is just but the beginning for you.
    You are headed for great things brother.

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