Superstar Ibrahimovic sends Mancheser United fans classy message

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has told Manchester United that they will forever be in his heart, as the move to Old Trafford was the right for him.

The Swede joined United in 2016 at the age of 34 and scored 26 goals in his first season at the club, scoring twice in the EFL Cup and helping United claim a historic Europa League win, although he was ruled out towards the back-end of the season after picking up a cruciate ligament injury.

He only made a handful of appearances in his second season at Old Trafford before deciding to finally leave top-level football and make the move to the MLS.

But despite many believing he did not have what it took to be a success in the Premier League, the veteran says he’s delighted he did and says United was the right club for him.

‘I’m super proud and super happy that I went to United — it was the right club,’ said Ibrahimovic on the Sky Sports website.

‘We won, and I did what I did before I got injured. ‘I had an excellent time — great memories. I’m attached to United forever. The supporters are amazing: wherever I went, I saw red shirts, which was fantastic. It’s a very important moment in my career.

‘As I said when I was in England, you’re lucky I didn’t come 10 years ago, because if I did what I did at 35 years old, imagine it if I was 25. Then it would have been a different story.’

‘I came there and they said I came in a wheelchair. All the people that talked, in the whole Premier League, I put them in a wheelchair. That’s what I did.’

Here is what we think.

United managed to acquire Ibrahimobvic when he was coming towards the back end of his career and he still managed to help the side win a bunch of trophies, score 26-goals and conquer another League, so who knows what he could have done in his prime.

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