‘I’M Really Worried’ Arsenal Bukayo Saka Will Have To Retire by 25

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Arsenal legend Bob Wilson fears Bukayo Saka will have to RETIRE by 25 years of age if continues to be “kicked out of the game”.

After breaking through the system at the Emirates a few seasons ago – Saka has developed into one of the best young players in the Premier League and one of the best wingers in the game.

He is really a player that Mikel Arteta can rely on on a weekly basis – and is a player that scores so many goals for ARSENAL – he really is missed when he is not on that pitch for Mikel.

But Wilson, 82, who won the Premier League-FA Cup double with ARSENAL in 1971, believes the aggressive treatment from opposition players could significantly shorten Saka’s career.

Speaking to The Telegraph, he said: “What drives me demented is we have one of the best young players and, if we aren’t careful, football will lose him by the time he is 24 or 25 because Bukayo Saka will have been kicked out of the game.

“Referees don’t seem to see or understand it.

“There are always a minimum of two players within five yards of Saka and often a third. If they can’t stop him, they kick him.

“People say, ‘What do you mean? That’s too dramatic’. I say there has not been a more kicked player in the Premier League than Bukayo Saka.

“If he is facing in an attacking position, and he is taking them on, that is the time I worry. I really worry for Bukayo.”

He went on to add: “I see Saka up with the greats… if he is not kicked out of the game.

“He is clever, dangerous, and knows when to release it. I love him on one side and [Gabriel] Martinelli, with his sheer pace, on the other.”


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