Manchester United board told to bring Argentine to Old Trafford


Manchester United have been told Mauricio Pochettino would be a good replacement for Erik ten Hag if they decide to sack the Dutchman.

After months and months of speculation and rumours – Chelsea and Pochettino have finally parted ways after the former Tottenham boss failed to achieve the clubs targets for the season.

There has been some talk that Pochettino was also not happy with the fact that he would have no say in the type of players that would be sold in the coming transfer window, and the players that could be signed.

Recent reports have claimed Manchester United have met with representatives for Pochettino now that the Argentine is a free agent after his Chelsea exit was confirmed.

Now – amid all the speculation – Wayne Bridge has told the Red Devils to hire the Argentine boss: “I don’t know what happens with Erik Ten Hag after Manchester United won the FA Cup,” former Chelsea defender Wayne Bridge told Betfred. “Everyone was just in shock.

“Again, when I look at Manchester United it’s a bit like Chelsea in the sense that both are very inconsistent and there are the issues with that. There are certain players that didn’t get on with the manager so he had to change things up and then it’s looking at if he gets on with the owners so it’s definitely difficult.

“I like Pochettino as a manager and I think he would be good for the young people that come to the club as well, but I wouldn’t want Manchester United to benefit in anyway only because I don’t really like them if I’m being completely honest – everyone was a Manchester United fan when I was growing up.

“There is a possibility but again, if they are getting rid of Erik Ten Hag, then yes, go and get him because I do think he would be good. However, what I will say about any big club that is going through a bad time is that you’ve got to give your manager time.”

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