Mourinho is the problem not Man United star Pogba announces former England striker!

Jay Bothroyd has claimed Paul Pogba is not the problem at Manchester United, red devils boss Jose Mourinho is.

After months of rumours that the Frenchman has settled his differences with Mourinho at United, rumours have again surfaced in the last few days which have claimed Pogba is now ready to pack his bags and sign for football giants Barcelona.

The World Cup winner has faced heavy criticism for his attitude, but Bothroyd insists fans and pundits are turning on the wrong person, claiming it is Mourinho’s bad attitude that is the issues.

He was quoted on the TalkSport website: “You can blame Paul Pogba, but at the end of the day he’s still a young player.

“You see a manager like Pep Guardiola, he manages his players on the field and off the field, he puts his arm around them and speaks to them on a level with them.

“But for me, Mourinho just goes into the paper and speaks to the media about players.

“Mourinho fell out with De Bruyne, he fell out with Salah, he fell out with Lukaku, he fell out with Sergio Ramos, he fell out with Luke Shaw – have all these players got a bad attitude?

“I think there’s a common denominator in this whole situation and, for me, it’s Mourinho.

“All these top players – De Bruyne, Salah, Lukaku – is it a coincidence that Mourinho sells them and one or two years later they are some of the best players in the world?

“The reason why all the players like and want to play for managers like Guardiola and Klopp is because they put their arm around them, they manage them, they don’t chastise them as soon as something goes wrong.

“Mourinho is the best manager in the world when he’s winning, but as soon as he’s losing he points the finger at his players all the time.

“The players are more valuable than he is and if he upsets too many players at Manchester United, he’s going to get the sack.”

Here is whate we think.

We totally agree with Bothroyd and it is Mourinho who is causing problems for himself as he does not look happy, especially after not being backed during the summer transfer window.


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  1. Small says:

    How sad someone who does not even know how to manage his family will come here to talk about managing group of people, Sad that you compare Kloop to Jose Mourinho, If you are talking about Pep, What happened with Pep and Yaya when both were in Barca, great Zlantan, even Riberi of Bayerm, The truth about Salah was that at that time, there was so many players that he find it difficult to get into the team, Kelvin was giving the chance but could not manage the league at that time and there were too many players around him then, So even selling those players was a better choice for the club and the players, even for Jose because he does not need anything that will distract his team. He also went ahead to win the League and League Cup, So how can you come out to write such nonsense because you want to gain greedy like. strong message from Chelsea fans.