Headline taking star tipped for success at Chelsea after monster transfer move

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Shakhtar Donetsk’s director of football Darijo Srna is adamant that Mykhailo Mudryk will be a success at CHELSEA

After months of transfer speculation about where the young man would end up – it was Chelsea that managed to wrap up a transfer deal for Mudryk that cost the board a massive £88 million.

But despite some glimpses of his ability – he has not yet got the fans excited about his potential and has come under increased criticism for his performances in that Blues shirt already.

But Srna believes Chelsea’s poor run of form has not helped Mudryk following his arrival, and he will eventually become a success at Stamford Bridge – he said:

‘Everything is so simple – the market decides the price, not me and, of course, our president,’ Srna told the Football Ramble podcast.

‘Mykhailo Mudryk is, for me, one of the best three players in Europe in his position after Kylian Mbappe and Vinicius Jr, the next one is Mykhailo Mudryuk.

‘If somebody wants to buy a player from Shakhtar they must respect the club, the player and the president because we know how to sell players and we know how to buy players.

‘Mykhailo Mudryk is from our academy, amazing kid, amazing boy, amazing player, unfortunately at Chelsea now it’s not a good mood, and Mykhailo as well, but Mykhailo has all the qualities to be one of the best players in the Premier League in the next couple of months, in the next couple of years.

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‘Regarding the transfer, firstly the price was €100 million, €70m plus €30m. Arsenal also was fully in love with Mudryk but Chelsea showed that they are more concrete and more ready to buy him.

‘With respect to Arsenal, in the end it was the decision of Mykhailo Mudryk because Chelsea paid what we want, we made an agreement with Chelsea and he said, ‘yes I want to go to Chelsea’.’

‘Don’t worry about Mykhailo Mudryk, you will enjoy watching him. Like in the first game he played against Liverpool where he came into the side, this is 35 per cent of Mykhailo Mudryk,’ Srna said.

‘Mykhailo cannot play alone, the whole of Chelsea is not in a good mood, they are not playing amazing football, they don’t have good results but they have a lot of new players and they need time. Sometimes you don’t have time, that’s the problem, but Mykhailo, don’t worry, Chelsea fans. Mykhailo will bring a lot of happiness to CHELSEA fans.

‘Mykhailo is a person who thinks just about football. He thinks just about football, he goes to sleep with the ball and wakes up with the ball, this is the key to his success.

‘I was so sad when he decided to go to Chelsea. I said to him, ‘Mykhailo, can you say with us a bit more, we need you’, but he said, ‘no, Darijo, it’s time to go’. We respect that.’

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