Chelsea told star worth over 400M Euros – Chelsea to sign €70 million – Sterling makes stunning claim


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Raheem Sterling has claimed that Chelsea Fc youngster Armando Broja has the talent to become a big star in the game

Last season there was a lot of hype surrounding Armando Broja because he performed so well out on loan during his time with Southampton – and that si why he was given a chance this season.

Add that to the fact that Chelsea have not got a top-class attacker to lead that front-line – a role that midfielder Kai Havertz is filling in for – and many believed that Broja would be given a real chance to shine

But he has not yet been handed the role as the club’s main striker – simply because he is not ready yet – he is only 21-years of age and has alot more developing to do before he can be good enough for that Chelsea starting spot every week.

But Sterling – who is at the top of his game and has won countless trophies – has come out and stated that he believes Broja has the potential to become one of the deadliest strikers in the world.

Speaking to UMM,: ‘Broja has all the potential to become one of the deadliest attackers around; he just needs to make the right choices with the right people.

‘The hype is there; the talent is there; now it’s time to deliver on a consistent basis for Chelsea.

“I can’t lie, I’ve always thought my knack is whenever I’ve been in clubs, I’ll have friends outside and they’ve not seen him and I’ll say: ‘he’s the next one, it’s him’,”

“I heard a lot of things about him before but I never really watched him. He’s the truth.”

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Broja has the power and the quality to compete in the Premier League – he has proven that already – so what he needs is a manager that believes he is the one to take Chelsea Fc into the future

We can all see that the potential is there – it is just a case of whether Chelsea get to see it – or another club do.

Musiala claim made – 

Former Chelsea midfielder Jamal Musiala is now worth more than 400 million euros, according to Bundesliga expert Archie Rhind-Tutt.

The 19-year-old made his Bayern Munich debut in 2020 and has gone on to make 100 appearances for the side, scoring 27 goals – after making the decision to leave Premier League giants Chelsea.

His stock has risen so much over the past few seasons and now chasing clubs have been told that the talented young German is now worth more than 400 million euros

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