Powerhouse star ‘ready’ for Arsenal move after Director confirms summer sales!


Amadou Onana’s potential move from Everton to Arsenal in the summer transfer window, as hinted by Everton’s director of football Kevin Thelwell, raises intriguing questions about the midfielder’s readiness for such a transition and the impact he could potentially have at the Emirates Stadium. Let’s delve into Onana’s attributes, Arsenal’s midfield needs, and the potential benefits of such a transfer.

Amadou Onana’s Profile

Talent and Potential: Amadou Onana is a highly-rated midfielder known for his technical skills and composure on the ball. Despite being just 22 years old, he has shown maturity and footballing intelligence beyond his age, earning praise for his performances at both club and international levels.

Versatility: Onana’s versatility is a major asset. He can operate as a deep-lying playmaker, a box-to-box midfielder, or even in a more advanced creative role. His ability to adapt to different midfield roles adds depth and tactical flexibility to his game.

Passing Range and Vision: Onana’s passing range and vision are standout qualities. He is capable of dictating play from deep areas, spraying accurate long passes, and creating scoring opportunities for teammates with incisive through balls and clever movement off the ball.

Defensive Contribution: Despite his playmaking abilities, Onana is not averse to defensive duties. He can intercept passes, break up opposition attacks, and provide a shield for the defense, showcasing a well-rounded skill set for a modern midfielder.

Arsenal’s Midfield Needs

Creative Midfielder: ARSENAL could benefit from adding a midfielder like Amadou Onana to their squad. While they have talented options like Declan Rice and Martin Odegaard, having depth and competition in the playmaking roles is essential for squad balance and tactical variations.

Long-term Planning: Onana’s age and potential for development align with Arsenal’s emphasis on building for the future. Securing young talents with high ceilings like Onana would not only address immediate needs but also represent a long-term investment in the squad’s quality and sustainability.

Versatility and Depth: Onana’s ability to play multiple midfield roles provides valuable versatility and depth to Arsenal’s midfield options. He could rotate with established players, offer different tactical dimensions, and step in when injuries or suspensions occur.

Technical Quality: Arsenal’s style of play under Mikel Arteta emphasizes possession, ball circulation, and creative play. Onana’s  ability to retain possession under pressure make him a suitable fit for Arteta’s tactical philosophy.

Impact at the Emirates

Ball Retention and Control: ARSENAL often prioritize ball retention and control in midfield. Onana’s composure on the ball and ability to keep possession in tight spaces would contribute to maintaining rhythm and dictating the tempo of matches.

Defensive Stability: Onana’s defensive contributions should not be overlooked. His ability to press intelligently, intercept passes, and provide defensive cover would enhance Arsenal’s defensive stability and transition play.

Youthful Energy and Potential: Onana’s arrival would inject youthful energy and potential into Arsenal’s midfield. He could form part of a dynamic midfield core alongside players like Bukayo Rice and Odegaard contributing to a balanced and competitive squad.

Challenges and Considerations

Competition for Places: Arsenal already has talented midfielders, and Onana would face competition for a starting spot. Arteta would need to manage the squad effectively, rotate players based on form and fitness, and provide opportunities for development.

Integration and Team Dynamics: Building chemistry and understanding with teammates, especially in midfield combinations, takes time. Onana’s integration into Arsenal’s squad dynamics would require patience, effective communication, and tactical cohesion

Onana could be ready for a move to ARSENAL in the summer transfer window, given his talent, versatility, and potential for development.

With the right support, opportunities, and development pathway, Onana has the potential to thrive and make a positive impact at Arsenal for years to come.


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