West Ham Captain has been told ‘to stop moaning’ fans will love this

declan rice
Is Rice leaving Hammers?

Kevin Campbell has suggested West Ham captain Declan Rice should stop “moaning”

Declan Rice has developed into one of the best holding midfielders in the game and is certainly a player that David Moyes likes to play 90 minutes every game he can

However – the centre-midfielder highlighted that he played 68 games from June 2021 to June 2022 and claimed the amount of games he has played is “obscene” and added he is “knackered” after every game

However – former Everton star Kevin Campbell has opened up and told the England midfielder that he needs to stop moaning about the amount of game time that he has to play

Campbell said: “These players are living everyone’s dream.

“What are you moaning about? You are getting paid to play football. It is a privileged position. 100 per cent.

“It does not mean that players cannot be tired though. Declan Rice is a young player who is starting to understand what it means to be part of a successful squad. West Ham went deep into the Europa League last season. It brings different demands on you as a player.

“Rice is the leader at West Ham now than Mark Noble has retired. He has to understand that there are more demands. How do you think the Liverpool players felt last season after playing in every game of the season?

“The other teams have bigger squad, granted. Unfortunately, David Moyes does not have that luxury. Rice has to play almost every game.

“Can he be tired? Of course. But if you want to play at the top level these are the demands.”

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Rice is a top-class midfielder and David Moyes needs him every week – but he is lucky to be getting so much game time as there are a number of players out there right now that do not get the amount he does

He does need to stop moaning

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