Shining Light on Modern-Day Premier League and its Struggles

Shining Light on Modern-Day Premier League and its Struggles


Being a team in the top four spots in today’s Premier League is a tough battle only downhill. Coaches and teams have begun to start early into the season where it used to be a slow and steady state before, gradually going into the season. Players are being trained for worse situations. There is no rest and more work at every kick and square inch of the football field. Yes, the pay is more handsome than before too, and it is something relaxing to say.

English Football, in the Last 28 Years

Did you know that the popular game has been around since 1992? It is known as the pre-Premier League era and the Premier League era. There are two distinctions that people make when comparing the period before the League came into being.

Then, it was simply called English Football. Competing for trophies and tournaments were fun and not predictable back then. A team could be performing poorly in their first 10 games and still win the final matches to win the trophy. It was a possibility all the time.

For example, between 1992 and 2003, the first 11 Premier Leagues, there was a similar trend. Manchester United became victorious 8 times in such a fashion by coming all the way from behind to win the trophies. They were able to overtake the leaders 75% of the time during these years, which are grouped into one.

In the same group, the eventual champions after the first 10 games were a tick over 20 as well. You could get this by 2 losses, 2 draws, and 6 wins. It was doable in all aspects. But, take this to the next group, from 2003 to 2020, the numbers get tighter. There have been just 5 leaders or 5 teams into the top spot in 17 Premier Leagues. While there were 7 of them during the first 11.

This meant that very less was the possibility of overtaking the leaders because they wouldn’t just leave. This also meant that it was a predictable game if you looked at the scores. Depending on how the first few weeks went, you could actually make guesses on who will finish the 4th and who will be among the top four. It all mattered now because, as per data, if you were among the top four, your chances were high in the Champions League as well.

It was a fashion to see that new best teams pull their socks and deliver the best performance in the New Year while the first few weeks were slow and steady. Alex Ferguson points this out exactly when it all changed. Speaking in 2012, he points out clearly the time. He says that 12 years back, the norm was a slow and steady beginning.

But today, as he contemplates, coaches have to take a new approach to win and to stay relevant.

The ability to spot such trends came handy for many teams who early on adapted their training and strategies. It was one of the key reasons why Manchester United was able to restore its status as the winning team during the late 2000s. They made it to the top by winning the trophy in 2007 and 2008, and 2009. That is three times in a row. The early start paid off. Betway’s latest infographic shows how crucial it is to hit the ground running.

The Road Ahead is a Battle

The average point tally for 1992-2003 was 20.8 but it passed 24 in the post decade. While the chances of leaders to win the league was 27% if they did good in the first 10 games during 1992-2003, it became a staggering 59% for the 2003-2020 era. Clearly, there was a sign that the teams and leaders were not willing to give up that easily and they tried to gather as many points as possible in the first 10 games itself. There was no more a slow and steady start. In fact, their goal was to play their best in all the matches.


The Big Four and Top Six teams were ferocious in strategy and from day one were the leaders. Except for Arsenal, Liverpool, Man United, Chelsea, Man City none other teams have actually made into this elite group. And this benchmark that they have set has become a growing battle for the rest. The race for the top four, now dictates, who will become the leader and the winner.


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