Summer bargain as Real Madrid lower Bale demand to just £18.5 million, Tottenham can now wrap up deal

Tottenham linked, Gareth Bale could reportedly be available for just £18.5million as Real Madrid are desperate to get rid.

The Wales international has often been cast as a scapegoat by supporters, while falling down manager Zinedine Zidane’s pecking order – meaning that the likes of Spurs have been handed a chance to try and bring him back to the Premier League.

Representatives of a man who was once the most expensive player on the planet have maintained his contract through to 2022 in the Spanish capital will be honoured, but that is no longer the case heading into the new season.

He has admitted that he would be open to a move back to the Premier League and Spurs have been linked with a move for the Welshman, as they seek to add a bit more quality to the attack this summer.

Spanish publication Mundo Deportivo report that Real Madrid would accept £18.5m for Bale with Tottenham linked and Real are even said to be willing to pay half Bale’s £600,000-a-week wages to get him out of the club.

Tottenham hero Jurgen Klinsmann recently urged the club to make a move and try to sign the winger, he told talkSPORT: “Time goes by so fast as a player and you cannot waste it. This is the worst punishment for a player to be on the bench.

“The most important thing for every player is to be on the field and to play. When this doesn’t work out, sooner or later you have to come to a conclusion and consider a move.

“There is a point in time when you become a professional player when you would like to earn a decent amount of money that you can put on the side to feel a bit more safe, but once that goal is achieved there is only one other thing that matters – playing and scoring goals and building your playing record.

“You want to leave the game one day in your 30s and say ‘OK, look at my career there, I managed to score in X amount of teams and X amount of goals in different competitions’.

“Money doesn’t matter anymore. Money has no influence on that decision right now that Gareth has to make, but there are personal elements to it. There is family and lifestyle things to consider.

“A player like him, we would like to admire him week in, week out on the television. As a Tottenham fan, I would love him to come back to Spurs.”

If there is a chance, Tottenham need to take it!

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  1. Pez says:

    Spurs are in utter disarray, there is no identity to the way THFC play their football now., Whilst I don’t necessarily blame Jose Mourinho for the clubs current plight, its becoming increasingly more apparent that he may not be the solution either. If I’m being entirely honest here I cannot see Gareth Bale coming back to Spurs for a whole variety of reasons and money/wages isn’t potentially the main stumbling block here? Granted it is somewhat of a stretch of the imagination to believe that Dan Levy is going pay what would amount to £300K of an already RM subsidised pay packet given the chairmans rigid stance on wage structuring. And whilst Bale may have some level of affection for a club in which rose to undoubted superstar stature, his love of Tottenham cannot be so all consuming given the way the manner in which left several years ago. So what does that actually leave, as a reason to return? You could hardly argue that Spurs represent a presently attractive footballing proposition – anyone with a modicum of footballing knowledge, and even the most diehard of Tottenham fans would be hard pushed to not recognise a club that is frustratingly at odds with the fluency of its football. Indeed if this were bad enough the lack of real ambition to attract the best players is palpable to all but the Chairman and the board he represents. Personally speaking I see this as chiefly the underlying cause in preventing Tottenham from becoming a real force, and I believe that because of this the bubble of growth and progression has undoubtedly already burst. It is obvious from Tottenham’s decline in premiership position from a regular top four side, to a team that only just managed a top-6 spot that was arguably Covid ‘assisted’ in the season just past. So I wonder then exactly why Bale would pick Tottenham as the club to return too? It pains me enormously to state all this, but sadly I believe these are painful truths whether I or other Tottenham like it or not. What is worse is that anyone watching the recent All or Nothing or Nothing series, will see a chairman depicting himself in a manner that would have us believe he cares so demonstratively about the clubs footballing success, but I see no other chairman of a top six premier league club as reticent as Levy in spending money on new players and ones you believe may actually make a pronounced difference. Instead Levy has gambled on lesser known players that come at as a cheaper option some have worked out, but so many have failed badly. The problem now is that Levy has demonstrated to the world a distinct lack of real ambition, has essentially set a rod for the club’s back in the process, and thus a great many top talent seem not to want to even consider signing for a club not prepared to go out on a limb to achieve its dreams. And as I say this aloud I find myself thinking who can blame them? If I was a top player I would probably feel the same. And thus coming back to the original question can I see Gareth Bale re-signing for a former club so clearly in a state of disarray? That would be a resounding NO!

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