Game-changer Arsenal in talks with told its time to make transfer move!

Reiss Nelson ( Getty Images)

The highly-talented Reiss Nelson has been told that now is the time to leave ARSENAL – despite the rumours the club have opened talks over a new deal.

Reporter Iomie Stanley said: ‘One of the main reasons why Nelson should consider leaving Arsenal is the lack of playing time he has received. While he has been a part of the first team since the 2017-18 season, he has only made a handful of appearances in the Premier League. In fact, he has spent most of his time with the Arsenal U23 team, where he has been a standout performer.

‘At this stage of his career, Nelson needs regular playing time against quality opposition in order to develop and progress as a footballer. Staying at Arsenal could hinder his development and prevent him from reaching his full potential. While the club may have high hopes for him, he needs to be given the opportunity to prove himself on the pitch.

‘Another reason why Nelson should consider leaving ARSENAL is the level of competition at the club. Arsenal has a number of talented young players, as well as established stars, which means that Nelson will have to work extremely hard to earn a place in the first team.

‘This level of competition can be beneficial for his development, but it can also be overwhelming and detrimental if he does not receive the necessary opportunities.

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‘Furthermore, with the arrival of new players and the reinvigoration of the squad under Mikel Arteta, Nelson’s chances of breaking into the first team have become even slimmer. In order to avoid stagnation and continue his development, it may be best for him to move on to a club where he can receive regular playing time and have the opportunity to make a name for himself.

‘Finally, Nelson’s contract with Arsenal expires this summer, which means that he will soon have to make a decision about his future. If Arsenal cannot offer him the playing time and opportunities that he needs to develop, he may be better off looking for a new challenge elsewhere.

‘In conclusion, while Reiss Nelson has shown glimpses of his potential at ARSENAL, it may be time for him to leave the club in order to continue his development and progress as a footballer.

‘With the lack of playing time, competition at the club, and the expiry of his contract, a move to another club could be the best option for him at this stage of his career.

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