Mr Wenger, now is the right time to pack your bags and leave Arsenal

Arsene Wenger has just gone out and spent £56 million to land one of the best strikers in Europe in a bid to get Arsenal back to the top, but many are wondering whether he will leave at the end of the season.

With Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham all heading upwards in the game, we ask whether Wenger Wengerwill finally step down and let the club head in a different direction.

Arsene should have left at the end of last season, as it seemed like a watershed moment when Arsenal failed to qualify for the Champions League for the first time during his tenure.

But, he defeated Chelsea in the FA Cup final, winning it a record 7 times as the Arsenal manager and this convinced him that he could still beat the top sides in the League too on a regular basis.

However, a terrible run of eight loses in his thirteen fixtures, out both domestic cup competitions, and well behind Tottenham in the chase for a top four spot, means Arsenal are actually getting worse and not better (his words).

The club has no direction or planning whatsoever for the future as they take the easy decision of giving Wenger a contract extension.

Many believe this contract will be his last, but the harsh truth is Arsene won’t give up unless he wins the Premier League one last time.

You can read many reports on why Arsenal wont sack Wenger and how the club manage to find the right performance to keep him in the job at the right time.

But the Gunners have already missed out on Pep Guardiola, Jose Mourinho, Antonio Conte, Jurgen Klopp and Maurico Pochettino, so with Diego Simeone contemplating leaving Atletico Madrid in the summer, the right time to step down is now.

Wenger arrived at Arsenal a relatively unknown boss with fresh ideas, turned the club into Champions of England and Champions League contenders.

But despite building a legacy many would be proud of, his loyalty to the club is costing him respect from fans, players, former players, pundits and everything in between.

The harsh reality of it all for many Arsenal fans is this, the board will not sack Wenger, they wont even contemplate it.

They cannot sack a guy who has built a dynasty..made them one of the wealthiest clubs on the planet, and brought so much silverware.

however, his ego and his loyalty won’t let him walk away from the club he loves and adores.


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  1. Enos says:

    Please Mr. Wenger do us a favour and just leave by the end of the season. We appreciate you effort and commitment you have exerted towards our success. When the time is up, it is up.
    Thank you.