Stunning Declan Rice claim made that will leave Fans fuming

declan rice
Is Rice leaving Hammers?

Declan Rice’s West Ham departure could cause the club to “fall apart” – that’s according to former Hibernian striker Tam McManus

Easily one of the best holding midfielders in the Premier League right now – Rice is heavily tipped to leave West Ham at the end of the season and make the step up in the game.

That has led to all sorts of speculation that that the likes of Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and Man City are all interested in getting a possible deal done for the midfielder in the next couple of transfer windows.

“It’s bad for West Ham,” McManus told Football Insider‘s Ben Wild.

“They could have sold him for a lot more money a few years ago. Now they will earn a lot but nowhere near as much.

“You also can’t trust them with the money. We have seen that this season. The signings have been poor and they are right near the bottom of the table with Rice still in the side.

“Take him out and what happens? It’s not great for them. He’s the captain, the one they look to when things aren’t going well.

“You take someone like that out of a team and it can all fall apart. That has to be the worry for them now.

“After a few seasons of Europe they could be back to relegation fights and that’s not where that club should be.

“But they can’t offer Rice the Champions League football he wants.

“It’s a shame for them but you can’t blame Rice.”

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