£84M valued striker sent clear message about completing stunning Chelsea move


Tammy Abraham is a young and talented striker who has made a name for himself in the world of Italian football, and he should not make a move back to Chelsea, reporter Iomie Stanley says.

After making a successful move to Roma in the summer of 2021, there have been rumors that he could make a return to Chelsea. However, there are several reasons why Tammy Abraham should not make the move back to Chelsea.

‘Firstly, Abraham was not given enough playing time at Chelsea during his time with the club. Although he was given chances to prove himself, he was often overlooked for other players in the squad.

‘This lack of playing time was detrimental to his growth as a player and he was eventually forced to look for opportunities elsewhere. Moving back to Chelsea would mean that he would be competing with players who are already established in the team, which could once again limit his playing time.

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‘Secondly, Chelsea has a history of signing players and then loaning them out to other clubs. This has been a trend for the club for several years now and it has affected the growth of many young players.

‘Although Tammy Abraham was eventually sold to Roma, it is possible that he could be bought back by Chelsea and then loaned out again. This would be a waste of his talent and potential as he would not be given the opportunity to grow and develop as a player.

‘Thirdly, Tammy Abraham has found a new home at Roma. He has been given more playing time and has been able to show his skills on the field. Moving back to Chelsea could mean that he would have to start all over again and prove himself to the club. This could be a daunting task for the young striker who has already proven himself in the Serie A.

‘Lastly, moving back to Chelsea could have a negative impact on Tammy Abraham’s confidence. Although he has been able to thrive at Roma, he may find it difficult to adjust to the new system and style of play at Chelsea. This could lead to a dip in his form and confidence, which could ultimately affect his performance on the field.

‘In conclusion, although Tammy Abraham has had a successful spell at Chelsea, it would not be in his best interest to move back to the club. He has found a new home at Roma where he has been given the opportunity to grow and develop as a player.

‘Moving back to Chelsea could limit his playing time, stunt his growth, and have a negative impact on his confidence’

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