Arsenal looking at deal for £80M valued midfielder – move to Emirates good idea?

declan rice
Is Rice leaving Hammers?

West Ham star Declan Rice has been linked with a move to ARSENAL over the past few weeks – but he may need to snub a move to the Emirates for the sake of his career – according to reporter Iomie Stanley.

‘Rice is undoubtedly one of the most talented and sought-after midfielders in the English Premier League. He has been a consistent performer for West Ham United, and his impressive displays have attracted interest from top clubs in England, including Arsenal.

‘However, if Declan Rice is considering a move to the Emirates, there are several reasons why he should reconsider and snub the move.

Firstly, ARSENAL‘s style of play may not be well suited to Declan Rice’s game. The Gunners are known for their possession-based football, and while they have some talented attacking players, they lack the physicality that Rice provides. West Ham, on the other hand, have built their team around Rice’s abilities, and he has thrived in their more counter-attacking style of play.

‘Moving to Arsenal would mean that Rice would have to adjust to a new style of play, which could take time and hinder his progress.

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‘Secondly, Rice is an important player for West Ham, and his departure would be a huge blow for the club.  Losing Rice would be a massive setback for the club, and they would struggle to find a suitable replacement. Rice should consider the impact his departure would have on West Ham and weigh it against the potential benefits of joining Arsenal.

‘Finally, Rice’s development could be hindered by a move to Arsenal. They have the likes of Martin Odegaard – Jorginho – Granit Xhaka and Thomas Partey in that side, and they have been brilliant this season.

‘In conclusion, while a move to Arsenal would be tempting for Declan Rice, he should consider the potential risks and drawbacks of such a move.

‘Rice’s development could be hindered by a move to Arsenal, and he needs to join a club that can help him reach his full potential and a club that needs his kind of abilities. For these reasons, Declan Rice should snub a move to ARSENAL and instead join the likes of Man United or Chelsea, as they are in need of a player like him in the side.

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